• Your Vacation is Only the Beginning.

  • iCare Travel enables travelers to help the world’s poor and underprivileged.

  • Make a Difference in a Way That Moves You

  • While visiting some of the world’s most fascinating destinations!


Saving the World One Vacation at a Time

At iCare, we  believe the world can  be different—a better, more enjoyable place—and each one
of us can make it so.

Doing this work has revealed an interesting thing:

It makes us feel great. And it makes our travelers feel great as well.

Your vacation is only the beginning…

iCare makes it possible for travelers to improve lives in ways of their own choosing.
While vacationing in one of the world’s most fascinating destinations, iCare travelers
“make a difference” in ways that touch their heart.

Travelers who take part in an iCareShare experience do not just lie on the beach feeling sorry for the locals…

they act.

The Foundation’s iCareShare program is the only one of its kind. Travelers go to any of our Featured Destinations and choose a way they’d like to help. Our “Wish Lists” are created in partnership with local nonprofits. They understand the needs of the individuals and the community at large, as perceived by the local community. The needs are often basic, such as clean water, education, the welfare of the elderly, and of animals. Other Wish List items just help the local underserved people enjoy their lives more.

Get involved!  iCareShare

Our Mission

iCare Travel enables travelers to help the world’s poor and underprivileged, while fostering cross-cultural connections between givers and recipients.

Our Vision

The goal of the iCare Travel Foundation, achieved in partnership with regional nonprofit organizations, is to establish a new model for vacationing in underserved destinations worldwide that enhances well-being, peace and understanding, and creates role models for “doing good on the global stage” back home.

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What is the world’s most urgent problem?

“To understand that we have a common stake in our future.
If we continue to see problems as
‘us versus them’
… we’re never going to succeed.”

  – iCare Travel founder Noel Sutter speaks on behalf of the UN Chronicle to Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, one of the world’s most
influential international economic advisors and former director of the UN Millennium Project.


 Many of Us Yearn to
Make a Real Difference
in the World…

Others Do.

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